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CORONATION by Spromultis
look closely
this took about a month to draw, including starting from scratch three or four times
yes, the book titles are in a made up language
I make these now. It's an analysis of Friendship is Magic. Now hold on - before you ask "but aren't those analysis videos just some horseshit that boring nerds like to throw at people?" or perhaps "why should i watch this when i have so many high quality alternatives?".

This thing is not like most reaction videos. It's not someone's frickin headcanon masked as a sophisticated opinion. It's not taking what is still a goddamn cartoon too seriously and trying to find endless meaning in the pastel equines. It's not a reaction video. We ('coz i do it with a pal o' mine) actually talk about the episode. Not only what is good and what is bad, but WHY is it good and WHY is it bad.

It also looks and sounds better, for those of you who get easily bored. And it's SLAVIC. Made by ACTUAL SLAVS from EASTERN EUROPE. It contains VODKA, SOVIET CHOIRS and DRUNK PEOPLE IN TRACKSUITS.

And if this is not enough high quality horseshit for you, then watch the upcoming episode, cause it's gonna be much better. We learn damn fast, you know.


Yehovah McTroutsky
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
i'm not a serious person
i watch a show for little girls while being aware of that constantly
i think the holocaust and 9/11 were hilarious
i'm an attention addict

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